Teaching at The Old Bakery Art Studio – Sketching on the banks of the Nantes/Brest Canal (Summer 2016) (posted March 28 2017)

This location is a mere 10 minute walk from The Old Bakery and a perfect setting for our guests to practice their ‘plein air’ drawing and painting skills, whilst enjoying the peace and tranquility of this picturesque setting. 

There was much to inspire them, from the gently rippling water, to the characterful stone bridge (known as the “Old King’s Bridge”, it was built in 1638, when Louis XIII was king of France. The canal itself, was transformed from the River Aulne by Napoleon for the shipping of arms off to the naval port of Brest. It is now a tranquil pathway through Brittany). In the distance and the opposite direction, stands the majestic pink Château of Trévarez, and a working lock. Here the guests opted for a medium of their own choice. Some used watercolour and a wet-in-wet technique to capture the dappled play of light on the surface of the river, while others opted to work in oils or pastels in order to render the weathered texture of the stone bridge and the rich greens of the foliage on the bank opposite. 

The guests were completely engrossed in their work for the duration of the visit, apart from a welcome intrusion at lunchtime when the place became animated with locals following the tradition of coming down to the river to dine at the picnic tables. Each armed with local delicacies and the obligatory cheese and wine, the guests were treated to a taste of typical French life in this region, and a chance to chat to friendly locals about their artwork and the history of the area. For those in greater need there was also a bar/restaurant with an outside terrace and excellent views over the river.

This is one not to miss in summer 2017!


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