Teaching at The Old Bakery Art Studio – Drawing workshops at Trévarez (posted March 21 2017)

Last summer saw the first round of art workshops at The Old Bakery in Chateauneuf du Faou. I had some terrific students who came from far and wide, two from Canada. All were fired up to develop their drawing and painting skills. A particular favourite of the week was an excursion to Chateau de Trévarez. (Awarded France’s ’20th Century Heritage’ label, it was the last chateau to be built in France. During the war the chateau was taken over by the Nazis and eventually bombed by the RAF). It remains a spectacular monument of late neo-gothic 19th century architecture, and commands breath-taking views over the valley of the river Aulne. The guests had the opportunity to tour the chateau, view an exhibition of contemporary art in the old stable block, walk around the beautiful grounds, and then select the points from which they wanted to sketch – whether that be the gardens, the chateau or the view. From this they were able to deal with aspects of composition, perspective, proportion, and for those that preferred more detailed work, the intricacies seen in the building’s facade. It was a very productive afternoon, which ended in a visit to the most excellent cafe and gift shop, and provided much food for thought for the following day’s work in the Old Bakery Studio. I very much look forward to making the same visit with my new students in summer 2017!

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